Roy & Amanda

Roy and Amanda Maybank are the parents of three young children, local business people and partners practicing law, living and raising their family in Charleston, South Carolina.  Throughout their lives, they were brought up in a family environment that stressed the importance of giving back and improving the overall community.  There were no conditions of what one had to do, only that one do something to be a constructive force within the community.  For many years, Roy and Amanda have strived to give back to the community and actively take a role in making the community a better place for all.  For many years, they individually supported numerous local charities throughout South Carolina; in the Upstate, Midlands, Coastal Region as well as the Western Hills of North Carolina.

In 2014, Roy and Amanda decided to make a dedicated, long term commitment to their community, through the establishment of The Roy and Amanda Maybank Charitable Foundation.  This Foundation was established to further the giving goals Roy and Amanda were raised on.  The Foundation giving area is not limited strictly to Charleston, but also other areas in the tri-county, coastal areas of South Carolina, and the Western Mountains of North Carolina.  Many non-profits in our area supported by the Roy and Amanda Maybank Foundation provide valuable, diverse services to our citizens, ranging from hom
eless shelters, land conservation, food banks, housing for the abused, donations to museums, animal shelters, churches and many more.  All in a unified effort to make our community a better place for everyone.  It is our desire to continue to support these non-profit organizations which aid in keeping the Tri County, Coastal Charleston and Western North Carolina areas, part of a thriving and caring community in which to live.